Chairman of the organizational committee:
Prof. Haralambi Panicidis, Head of the Department History of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kolev, Head of the Department of Philosophy;
Assoc. Prof. Dimka Gicheva-Gocheva, Faculty of Philosophy;
Assoc. Prof. Todor Polimenov, Faculty of Philosophy;
Assist. Prof. Kamelia Spassova, PhD, Department of Theory and History of Literature;
Mrs. Zoia Christova-Dimitrova, PhD candidate;

Assist. Prof. Dimitar Iliev, PhD, Department of Classics

Assoc. Prof. Gerasim Petrinski; Department of Rhetoric, Faculty of Philosophy;
Mrs. Velislava Todorov and Mrs. Elena Chorbadzhieva, PhD students in the Department of Logic, Ethics and Aesthetics in the Faculty of Philosophy.

The conference is organized with the support of Fund „Research“ in Sofia University „St. Kliment Ohridski “ with funds earmarked from the state budget for partial financing of scientific forums and under the terms of Agreement No 209 from April 14, 2016 by a project team.

Chair of the project team: assoc. prof. Dimka Gocheva. Members: Prof. Haralambi Panicidis; assoc. prof. Todor Polimenov; asst. prof. Kamelia Spasova; asst. prof. Dimitar Iliev; mrs. Elena Chorbadzhieva and mrs. Velislava Todorova.